March reads

At the end of February I was feeling a distinct lack of cute animal photos on this blog. I am surrounded by furry animals, yet hardly any evidence of them exists on here. The problem, I have decided, is the number of electronic books I check out from the library. If I took photos of my animals with the books I am reading, they would almost entirely look the same. 


My cat, on my Kindle

To remedy the problem, I combed through my bookshelf and pulled out the books I keep meaning to read. Then I made a huge mistake and went to the library. I should be banned from libraries. Well, you can see the result. I have many books to read and I hope to make it through most of them in March. There is a little bit of everything in that stack. We have thriller, mystery, YA, science, and a whole bunch more. I’m not even going to hint at the number of library books I downloaded on my Kindle. 

Despite all of this, I am ALWAYS looking for suggestions. If there are books anyone wants to know about, I am happy to entertain (nearly) every recommendation. Or if one in the stack looks enticing, I can move it to the front of my priority list.

But I guess for now you and I will just have to look forward to these beauties.

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