Old Favorites Friday: Mistborn

Title: The Final Empire
Series: Mistborn
Author: Brandon Sanderson
Publication Year: 2006
Pages: 541
Publisher: Tor

When I think about all of the fantasy novels I have read over the years, and which books I enjoyed the most, the works of Brandon Sanderson spring instantly to mind. What I have read so far by him have shown some of the most creative, enjoyable, and refreshing approaches to the genre.
Mistborn: The Final Empire is the first in what was originally a trilogy, which then had a sequel, which now has a whole new trilogy, for a total of 7 books. I used to love long series, but now I always feel reluctant to start new ones because of the time commitment. Though, with this one, the two trilogies are stand alones, so it isn’t like you have to marry the series.

Essentially, this book takes place after when most fantasy novels occur: the bad guy has won and has cast the world into darkness. This sets up for an interesting premise. But what I loved most about the world was the magic system. The thought Sanderson went through shows, and I ate it up. It is a sophisticated system that is very well explained. And so, so, sooooo unique. For most of the book I thought I had everything figured out, but then the end of each book in the original trilogy left me reeling in surprise. Beautifully crafted, this book became an instant favorite of mine, and if you like fantasy, this one should be on your list to read.

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