Book of the Month Club review

Now that I am reading full force, I have begun looking for books in new places. I will also admit, I am completely addicted to subscription boxes. It is like getting a present in the mail every month. So I have decided to start trying out some of the book subscription boxes and letting you all know how they compare!
First up: Book of the Month Club
What caught my eye about Book of the Month Club (BOTM) is merely the level of options I am allowed as a reader. They have been doing this for quite a while (since 1926!) and appear to have all of the kinks worked out.
Every month, there are judges who present you with five different book options. Some of these books won’t have been published yet, others are newer releases, and some are BOTM exclusives. The range of books available surprised me. There was mystery, contemporary literature, non-fiction, you name it. Importantly, if you don’t like the options for the month, you can skip it. Alternatively, if you choose one of the books, you can add any book that has ever been featured in the club (think about that for a moment, that’s a lot to choose from) and add it to your shipment for an extra $9.99.
For my first month, I chose The Possessions by Sara Flannery Murphy (review here). Not only did it sound interesting, but I am a sucker for a pretty cover. Since I subscribed for more than one month, my shipment included a couple of bonuses! I additionally received a tote bag and a short story written by Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl, anyone?). And the tote is no cheap tote. I have been lugging it back and forth to the library every few days for the past couple of months and it is holding up like a charm!
Now down to the part you care about, price. First of all, shipping is free. The price you pay for the books is the total cost, no hidden fees. When you sign up for the club, there are usually some special prices for the first few months, but after that it’s $14.99/month if you are paying for three months at a time, $13.99/month for 6 months, or $11.99/month for 12 months. For a hardbound novel, it’s not an unreasonable price.

I have a feeling I will stick with this one for a while, just due to the option to skip any month and knowing up front what the book will be. If you are interested in giving it a try, the link below will let you try BOTM for $1 for your first month. Give it a try if you like, and let me know what you think!

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