Book review: The Possessions

Title: The Possessions

Author: Sara Flannery Murphy

Publication Date: February 7, 2017

Pages: 368

Publisher: Harper

Date Started: March 28, 2017

Date Finished: April 2, 2017

Format: Hardcover

Beverage of choice: Vanilla Chai

The Possessions was the first book I received from the Book of the Month Club (review here) and I have been looking forward to reading it since I got it in February, I had just been bogged down with too many other books to start it earlier.

This novel is a very hard one to classify as a genre. It literally has a little of everything. Literally. The main character, Eurydice, works as what is known as a “body” in this similar-to-ours-but-may-be-an-alternative-reality-or-future world. Bodies take a pill and are able to channel the souls of the dead. This is a booming business, as people are very willing to pay to talk with their loved-ones again. One of Eurydice’s (“Edie”) new patrons asks to speak with his wife, though the experience ends with Edie developing feelings for the gentleman. As Edie learns more about the death of the wife, Sylvia, certain details appear suspicious, leading into further investigations. See? This book has paranormal, romance, and thriller aspects. But in a good way.

I found this novel to be a little slow, but enjoyable. It was different enough from anything that I have read before, that is for sure. That alone kept each event and character fresh, even though it mirrored other books very closely. It could have been much creepier than it was, which I’m not certain would have been better or worse, but the prospect of communicating with the ones who have been lost, including murder victims, should give anyone pause.

Overall, 3/5 moose

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