Author Feature: Haruki Murakami

Full disclosure, Haruki Murakami is my favorite author, potentially of all time. As such, don’t be surprised if his writings pop up frequently on my reading list. Last week, Men without Women: Stories was released in English and I thought it would be a great time to talk about my feelings about his writing, as well as provide suggestions on diving into his body of literature for those curious.
I first learned of Murakami when I took a Japanese cultural class in college. We read The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles and I was instantly hooked. His work is considered post-modernism, and ranges from short story format to multi volume novels. You can read his books for fun and plot, but there is just so much more there. Every word has deeper meaning, and you can feel that power and control of words in his writing. Every year I am disappointed, as he is constantly the favorite for the Nobel Literature Award, yet it seems to perpetually allude him.

Best Book(s) to Start With:

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles
Kafka on the Shore

Best Translator:

Jay Rubin

My Favorite Novel:

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles

My Favorite Short Story Collection:

After the Quake

Most Unrealistic Story:

Hard-Boiled Wonderland and
the End of the World

Most Realistic (Fiction) Story:

After Dark

Great Non-Fiction:

Underground: The Tokyo Gas Attack
and the Japanese Psyche

Most Popular Novel:

Norwegian Wood

Common Characters:

A cat (usually named after a fish
A psychic prostitute

Now that you have been guided and acquainted with this information, what are you waiting for? Read them! Read them all! XD

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