A blog first

Being a new blog, I have been learning as I go, and trying to improve the content of each post. It is definitely slow going, but I am really enjoying it. I love hearing about books people have enjoyed and get really excited when people enjoy books I recommend.
It seems that I am constantly experiencing firsts in the process of blogging. I recently began requesting advance copies from publishers, and have been granted access to several! Most exciting to me, however, was just a couple of days ago, a publisher sent me a novel without my initiation of a request. There may have been happy dancing involved. So look forward to that, dear readers.
I am extremely motivated to continue my efforts on the blogging front, and look forward to interacting with fellow readers. In the meantime, if you like what I’m writing (or reading!) please do me a big favor and hit the follow button. It causes minimal injury to you, and helps me provide awesome content. To encourage you, I have provided an image of my reading spot for the last three weeks as I’ve conducted field research.

And follow, don’t forget to follow ;-P

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