Book Review: Countertop Gardens

counterTitle: Countertop Gardens: Easily Grow Kitchen Edibles Indoors for Year-Round Enjoyment
Author: Shelley Levis
Publication Date: June 19, 2018
Pages: 160
Publisher: Cool Springs Press
Date Started: July 31, 2018
Date Finished: September 14, 2018
Format: Adobe Digital

*I would like to thank the publisher, author, and NetGalley for providing an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

Some people are natural green thumbs, others struggle to keep air plants alive (I fall into the latter category). But regardless of skill level, gardening can be a meditative and highly rewarding hobby. However, not everyone has land which can be devoted to a garden, and winters can lead to short growing seasons. This book solves that problem by introducing several solutions and ideas to growing plants inside with limited space.

Countertop Gardens provides a primer for gardening in small spaces adequate enough for a beginner like myself. The manual starts with an introduction to materials that can be used to grow plants, from soilless to hydroponic and then leads into how each of the materials contributes to the well being of the plant. Levis further reviews multiple products on the market to make growing easy and stylish, though could be out of many budgets. For that, she provides DIY alternatives that were surprisingly simple.

My one regret with this book comes from the perspective of the author. Being a scientist, it is always disappointing and saddening when I see the negativity with which many perceive science. This book presents several misconceptions when it comes to topics such as organic, chemicals, and genetically modified crops. (I am always happy to answer any questions!!)

Overall, 3/5

3 moose

One comment

  1. This sounds like a neat little book to have if you like growing your own food! I’d love to do it but always assumed you couldn’t without a proper garden… Or rather, it would be too hard, and I tend to let all my plants die anyway :/ (Yes, I’m a very bad parent!) I’m glad to hear there are alternatives, however, and I’ll be sure to try them.

    Too bad about the misconceptions but knowing about them all beforehand, you could actually school the author on the subject!

    Awesome review, Melissa 🙂


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