Fall Book Tag

Fall Book TagFall is my absolute favorite season. I love the changing leaves the (slightly) cool weather, warm beverages, and the beginning of the holiday season. I’ve been wanting to do a book tag again for a while, and I happened to run across this book tag over at Once Upon A Spine, originally from The Bionic Bookworm themed around fall! Perfect!

Here we go!

Crisp Fall Air – A Book That Felt Fresh and New

Part Russian fairy tale, part adventure, and pure enjoyment. The Bear and the Nightingale just had a completely different feel about it from other books, a mystique that I just can’t place.



Howling Winds – An Ending That Blew You Away

Part of me considered putting Does It Fart? for this one, but then I thought better of it. No matter how good of a pun it would have been, I should be polite. 😉 On a more serious note, I would have to say that The Life of Pi‘s ending completely blew me away and left me reeling for days.



Comfy Sweaters – A Book That Gave You The Warm and Fuzzies

When I think warm and fuzzy, I immediately think about Mik and Zuzana from Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bones trilogy. And when I think of Mik and Zuzana, I can’t help but think of their stand-alone novella Night of Cake and Puppets. Oh the feels! Oh the cuteness! Ughh they are disgustingly adorable.

night cake puppets


Bright Colours – A Cover With Red, Orange, or Yellow

I love covers. If a book has a pretty cover, I will read it without knowing anything else about it. Seriously, I will judge books by their covers… Does that revoke my bookworm membership status? But because of my discerning taste in covers *ahem* I decided to pick up The City of Brass. I haven’t read it yet, but I’ve heard great things about it and can’t wait to dive in this winter.

city of brass


Leaf Fight – A Book With Non Stop Action

Whenever I hear the word “action” I can only think of Jason Statham. I know, that’s weird. So with that persistant mental image, it was hard to think, let alone think of a book with action. 0.0 Um….. I feel like any Dan Brown book would fit that. There is a lot of running around and thinking while running and looking at art while running, so I think they have the action part well covered. Too bad Langdon was played by Tom Hanks…

da vinci


Pumpkin Spice – Your Most Anticipated Read

Every time a new Haruki Murikami book comes out I have the desire to hole myself up in a corner (adorned with blankets and pillows of course) and read until there are no pages left. Killing Commendatore was just released, and the synopsis makes me think this book might be more similar to some of my favorite book by Murakami. I can’t wait to read it!!!



There you have it, my answers for the book tag! I will tag:

Sophie @ Blame Chocolate
Steph @ Steph Loves
Lily @ Sprinkles of Dreams
Haley @ Fangirl Fury
Paige @ Just One More Pa(i)ge

And everybody else out there, because book tags are fun! I can’t wait to see all of your responses!!


  1. Thanks so much for tagging me Melissa ❤ I do agree with you on Night of Cake and Puppets – it was the sweetest, cutest read ever and because I read the audiobook it felt even lovelier as the author did their accents and everything.
    Amazing post!


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