Beat the Backlist Reading Challenge


If you are like me, then you are completely caught up on your reading and have a TBR of roughly 2 books. HA!! Yeah right! My reading list never seems to end and I always seem to add more books than I can finish in a year. That is why I have decided to take part in the Beat the Backlist reading challenge, hosted by Novel Knight.

The point of this reading challenge is to get through older books that you’ve been sitting on or meaning to get to but haven’t. The rules are simple:

  1. In order for a book to count, it has to be published before 2019
  2. Books must be started and finished in 2019 to count

Sounds simple enough. I recently posted a list of classic books that I still need to read, my bookshelf is overrun with books that I haven’t read, and my Goodreads to read list is sitting at a modest 162 (my goal is to keep it under 150. So much for that….). This will be the perfect opportunity to work with a community to get through some of these!


Additionally, those participating in the challenge can participate under their Hogwarts House banner and earn points for their house. And so I will be chipping in and working with the Ravenclaw team. I’m hoping this will keep me focused and force me to update my progress throughout the year.

Novel Knight seems like she has done a wonderful job putting this together, and has weekly photo challenges to boot (with every single prompt already posted! I wish I could be that organized with my life!)

I’m still working on coming up with my goals for the year and planning out which books I hope to tackle, but with this challenge running all year, I am hoping to commit at least 20 books to this challenge.

Want to join me? You can sign up here! It’s sure to be great fun, and hopefully can help us all get caught up on some of that back-logged reading!



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