January Wrap-Up and TBR Jar Update

monthly wrap-up

Goooood-byyyeeee January, Helloooooo February! I am not the biggest fan of winter, so I already have a mental countdown ticking off the days until spring and warmer weather. No more of this Polar Vortex nonsense. (Seriously, why don’t humans hibernate like other reasonable animals??)

I was stuck in bed with a serious head cold this month, so had some extra time to read because I could do literally nothing else.

Total Books Read: 8

Mystery: 3
YA: 1
Fiction: 1
Self-help: 1
Crafting: 1
Outdoors/Nature: 1

Quite the range of genres, don’t you think? In addition to books, I also started reading comics. My spousal unit subscribed us to Marvel Unlimited and let’s just say that now we make the weekly voyage to the comic book store. I haven’t read as many as I would like, but I think I read a total of 13 issues this month across two separate series.

Should I include some stats? I feel like I should.

Number of pages: 2559
Average rating: 3.5 moose
Backlist books: 4

Kindle: 2
Hardcover: 4
Adobe Digital: 2

Now, you may also recall that I decided to start using the TBR Jar this month. How did that go, you might ask? Well, errr…. um, it didn’t really work. I just couldn’t work myself up to read the book that was pulled. And this made me really reflect on my reading habits. I am a mood reader, and really need to read a book that fits my current state. That’s why I usually am in the middle of a dozen different books, because each scratches a different itch and I never know how I’m going to feel until I actually sit down to read.

So, I decided to alter my TBR Jar to match my reading. I have decided that each month not one, not two, but THREE books will be drawn at random and I will try to read one of them based off of which one strikes my fancy at the time. It still accomplishes the same goal of reducing the number of unread books on my shelf, while providing a prod in my giant bum.

I have decided that the ones that are drawn and unread at the end of the month will carry over as one of the three to the next month. Using my lovely assistant again (my hubby), the following three books are on my docket to choose from this month:

  1. Stone of Tears by Terry Goodkind
  2. The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd
  3. Severance by Ling Ma

You know what, I think I can get one if not two of these off of the list this month! Confidence is overcoming me! But wait, why do all of the three “randomly” chosen books start with the letter “S”? Is there some grand conspiracy, or is my husband just really bad at drawing out of a hat? I decided to take the logical next step and determine if I have an overabundance of books starting with particular letters sitting on my shelf.


Sure, there are a lot of books that start with “S”, but to pull all S? I’m starting to be suspicious of my husband….

How was your January reading? What are you most looking forward to reading in February?

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