Moose is no longer on hiatus…?

Boy it has been a hot second since I’ve posted on Reading with Moose! But it’s Friday night and I’m a few European chocolate bars and one too many red wines into the evening when I thought it was the perfect time to log back in and get back into the swing of things!

To say these past few years have been eventful would be an understatement… Kid number 2 is here (happiest kid EVER), I moved across country AGAIN (ughhh academia), started a new job (OMG I’m a professor now!!!), had to put my dog down (what I wouldn’t give for one more hug), had cancer (f*** that), and a million other things I am forgetting at the moment that don’t feel as important in the grand scheme of things.

The pandemic hasn’t been easy and I had been locked inside, immunocompromised for most of the past 2 years. I’ve only recently ventured out because my new job requires it. Despite my no activity lifestyle, I regret to say I let reading fall by the wayside. I hadn’t read a book in months. I had no energy, no motivation, no time. Two of those are still true! Hahahaha. But I’m reading again!

I feel like I made the rookie mistake of logging into NetGalley and got distracted by all of the new, shiny books and, well, one thing led to another and all of a sudden I have over a dozen books that I need to review. Whoops!! Also, the Book of the Month Club now has badges and gives prizes for completing all of the challenges, and I am a sucker for reading prizes (I practically lived off of free pizza as a kid).

So here I am. I have a lot to catch up on, forgive me. There will be reviews of books I read years ago. There will be books I’m reading today. There will be thoughts on the current literature world. While I have not ready much lately, I have to say the quality of what I chose to read was beyond what I could have hoped for. Excited to share all of my thoughts and plans with you all. In fact, I’m really happy to be back. I missed this. ❤

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